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Design & Planning

Refurbishing your premises takes hours of careful planning to create a design that is going to give your business the most impact. Centre Plan follows a stringent proccess and evaluates your business from head to toe making sure your vision becomes reality. The following site survey, proposal & design concepts and development and project managment stages are a crucial part of this process, read on for more information.

Centreplan Site Survey Centreplan Proposal and Design Concepts Centreplan Case Studies
Site Survey

The first step towards your new image is to provide an in-depth survey of the premises. This enables us to take a close look at the structure of your property, and to investigate any possible changes that may be required to the main services, i.e. Gas, Electric, Water & drainage, all crucial aspects of the day to day running of your business. Once the survey has been completed we will draw up a floorplan. Please see below the example floorplan for Seaway.

Seaway Floor Plan

Design Concepts

Once we have completed our initial site survey, all the information is then used to set out our proposals to create your new image. Drawings are produced on computer showing a footprint plan of the premises.

Computer generated interior visuals can also be produced which are a great way of seeing exactly how your new operation will look after the works have been implemented.

Below: Halal Tesco Refurbishment Stages

Halal Tesco Before
Halal Tesco CAD
Halal Tesco 3D
Halal Tesco After
Halal Tesco After

Below: Pappa's Grill House Refurbishment Stages

Papa 2
Papa 3

Below: Park Lane Fish & Chips Refurbishment Stages

Park Lane
Park Lane